Heapcon 2018.
Heapcon • October 18 — 19, 2018
19. October, 10:45 - 11:20, RED Room

Fear: The Driver Behind Our Behavior

Did you know there are only five root causes of fear? Yep, only five. But those five root causes of fear are real. So real that it drives 80% of our bad behavior. And instead of giving the word the proper respect it deserves, we turn the word into a “cute” Instagram post encouraging the world to simply be fearless. But this isn’t a thing.

We are born to fear. It’s in our DNA. After all, something has to tell us to run from the tiger. Until we’re willing to actually examine our behaviors when we are afraid, and the root causes we won’t ever be able to “act fearless.”

In this educational and inspirational presentation we discuss why fear exists, common behaviors of fearful behavior (you’d be surprised at how insidious it is) and what you can do to act despite your fear.

As an added bonus we talk about how to recognize when others are acting out of fear and how you can open up dialog about fear. Once we’re able to talk about fear it becomes a game changer for our relationships with co-founders, partners, and ourselves.

This is a practical approach to understanding fear and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make huge decisions and leap to the next level.