Heapcon 2018.
Heapcon • October 18 — 19, 2018
19. October, 10:45 - 11:20, BLUE Room

What if Spring framework disappeared for a week?

This talk is a bit provocative. Spring framework is probably the most successful of all Java frameworks in the last couple of years. Usually, half of every conference schedule is dedicated to it. It’s really great and helpful, but sometimes I see that (especially younger) developers stop to see world outside it. If they cannot use Spring for some (good or bad) reasons, they are helpless and start to moan. I’d like to do a kind of a mental experiment – what would one do in such a situation, which stuff is really essential and which is such syntax sugar that is easily replaced. This talk is mostly Spring/Java based, but I’d like to make some general observations about frameworks/libraries – how to distinguish if some feature is really difficult to live without, or is it just some syntactic glue we can replace with 5 lines of code.